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Data Driven

We harness the power of science and data to empirically demonstrate which visuals drive higher sales.

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Get enchanted images 10x faster than a typical designer and experience a conversion boost within the first month

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Elevate visuals effortlessly with our user-friendly platform, no additional software required.

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Exceptional results

True Insights leverages an AI algorithm powered by Cambridge University’s methodology to examine each element of the product’s visual and deeply understand how it influences the consumer. Then optimize it for the best conversion success. The result? Up to 30% conversion growth.

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Image Analysis

  • Contrast Detection4.7
  • Contrast Test3.8
  • Blurring Test7.3
  • Attention Heatmap4.7
  • Parameter Details7

Optimized Image

  • Contrast Detection8.9
  • Contrast Test7.5
  • Blurring Test9.5
  • Attention Heatmap9
  • Parameter Details10

Case Studies

We’re on a mission to drive business growth through Better Images

Ecotone Improved Conversion Rate by 12% in One Month.

"True Insights offers unmatched efficiency and unique image optimization capabilities. They completely altered our ability to enhance brand conversion. With the insights it provides, we've achieved remarkable results, making it an indispensable asset. In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, True Insights is the key to smarter, data-driven decisions."

Jon Trevor

Jon Trevor

“Global Ecommerce Manager”

55%clicks 12%conversions

True Insight tool is giving TFE agency great efficiencies!

Bob Boekema

Bob Boekema

“Commercial & General Manager”

"Simply by requesting the reports via a link, you learn in-depth about the possibilities for optimization, not only for written content but also for images. And especially this last part makes their tooling really unique. And also important, the team keeps on working on the tooling and is very supportive whenever we have a question. So it is also not hard for us to recommend them to our customers and partners."

Vedra Coffee is getting data-driven improvements & saving time.

Galina Petrova

Galina Petrova

“Chief Executive Officer”

"True Insights saved us over 60 hours of content generation time per month and got rid of 100% of the guesswork. Is has completely eliminated the back-and-forth communication with designers and gave us scientific insights on how to weak our images."

Vincenzo improved eComsy's Add-to-Cart Rate by 60% in 2 weeks

"True Insights has been a game changer for our clients in identifying the best content they can use within their brand to improve conversion. With all the insights shared, we are now able to improve conversion like never before, which is positively impacting all our clients brands."

Vincenzo Toscano

Vincenzo Toscano

“Chief Executive Officer”

60%add-to-cart 15%conversions

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Some frequently asked questions about our AI software dashboard.

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What is True Insights?
True Insights is a cutting-edge image improvement and optimization tool designed specifically for eCommerce brands, helping them maximize engagement and conversions through superior visuals.
Why should I choose True Insights?
Our tool is specifically tailored for eCommerce, focusing not just on image quality but also on driving critical metrics
Where I can use newly generated image?
Our eCommerce optimised images are compatible with all major eCommerce platforms & marketplaces - Amazon, Wallmart, Shopify, Woocommerce where you can easily replace your images with optimized versions.
Is there a free trial available?
Yes, we provide a one free image improvement / optimisation so you can experience the benefits firsthand
Will optimized images slow down my website?
No, our optimization process ensures that while image quality is enhanced, the load times remain efficient.